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I am considering re-entering the working world, as the novelty of 'a luxe student life' has worn off. In Small Town, SA, job opportunities are very limited, unless you're an engineer of some sort. I would have to move to The City in order to pursue a career in my field. Even then, the world of fashion journalism is a very fickle and competitive one. 

There's great disparity between the job you want and the job you get. We usually end up in a job we didn't really want, but settled for anyway. Only a few of us get to have a career that we absolutely love. A job that makes waking up at 6am every morning something to look forward to. A Dream Job. 

However, as glamourous as some dream jobs may seem, there are pros and cons to consider.

Jobs I Can Only Dream Of...

The Coffee Connoisseur 
It's no secret that I am a coffee-addict, so being a gourmet coffee expert would suit me perfectly. A barista has to learn the taste profiles of different coffee beans from around the world and then try out various flavour combinations to create the perfect blend.
Up Side: Drinking copious cups of coffee all day long.
Down Side: Not being able to ever fall asleep due to the constant caffeine high.

A Fashion Stylist for Gossip Girl
Styling the Queen Bees of the Upper East Side on the set of the uber-popular Gossip Girl.
Up Side: Initiating ingenious fashion trends and working with designer clothing and exquisite couture. I would love select the on-screen wardrobes of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen; whose style is admired all over the fashion world.
Down Side: Not being able to keep any of the clothes or having to fight Blake Lively and Leighton Meester for them.

A Travel Presenter
The job requires you to be an insightful tourist who travels all over world on a never-ending vacation. Who could turn this down?
Up Side: Free flights to exotic locations, fabulous food, getting to meet interesting people and exploring new cities and cultures.
Down Side: Some of the food may not be all that fabulous, as the cuisine in some countries can be stomach-churning. In remote regions, the accommodation may be no more than a leafy mattress underneath the stars. Also, you may have to face your worst fears - bungee jumping, claustrophobic caves, deep sea diving, cockroach-infested hotel rooms,etc

A Professional Photographer
A photographer has to have a great amount of skill and dexterity as well as a great eye for detail. Gain fame in the field and Vogue could come knocking on your door.
Up Side: Taking pictures of beautiful surroundings and working on artsy magazine shoots. All you have to really do is aim well and click. Not much exertion required.
Down Side: The long hours it takes to get the perfect shot and working with difficult subjects (aka temperamental supermodels).

Creator Director for MAC
Creating new colours and ranges for this popular makeup brand would be a fun and exciting career. MAC constantly updates their vast makeup range with delightful and desirable collections. You can invent unusual shades of eyeshadow, try out new lipgloss formulas and conjure up fantasy themes.
Up Side: Bringing your colourful imagination to life and adding your original touch to the brand. With access to free make up & MAC makeup artists - you would look amazing and airbrushed all the time.
Down Side: Testing new make-up concoctions on yourself may cause severe allergic reactions and side-effects. Ouch. A Masters in chemistry is probably also required.

The Best-Selling Author
Just one brilliant book idea could earn you millions. 
Up Side: Your start up costs are low. All you need is a computer and a good imagination. You can work from the comfort of your own home, far away from office politics and demanding bosses.
Down Side: If your book turns out not to be the best seller you hoped for, you will be dropped by your publisher and have to look for another job. 

It is said that 'No dreamer is ever too small and no dream is ever too big'.
So I will dream big and work hard...you never know when the job you actually want will become the one you get.

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