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Friday Frills

In life there are people that will hurt us and cause us pain, 

but we must learn to forgive and forget and not hold grudges. 

In life there are mistakes we will make, 

but we must learn from our wrongs and grow from them.  

In life there are regrets we will have to live with, 

but we must learn to leave the past behind and realize it is something we can't change. 

In life there are people we will lose forever, sometimes by choice, 

but we must learn to let go and move on. 

In life there are going to be obstacles that will cause interference, 

but we must learn to overcome these challenges and grow stronger.  

In life there are fears that will hold us back from what we want, 

but we must learn to fight them with the courage from within.

In life the best way to succeed is to

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Quote © Angie Flores

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